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About us

Products from the Izo - paneli d.o.o. company are known for their insulation devices using the cooling technique, processing facilities and thermotechnics in many articles in Croatia and abroad. The product is sold in the form of isolating panels with different protective coatings, polyurethane panels and the insulation coatings of pipelines and devices which have the largest application.

The Izo - paneli d.o.o. company has been involved in the production of isolating panels for years, positioning insulation on all types of pipelines, containers and other devices using process techniques and thermotechnics.

The Izo - paneli d.o.o. company’s products are made of extremely high quality materials in compliance with European regulations and standards.

In addition to the production and installation of new articles, Izo - paneli d.o.o. has great experience in regular maintenance, reconstruction and insulation adaptations of existing articles.