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Rotating doors

Rotating doors have a very pleasant construction and the advantage is that this type of door is custom made, i.e. it comes in all dimensions according to the client’s requirements. The doors are equipped with a plastic lock that has a secure closure from.


Sliding doors

The advantage of sliding doors is their ability to be installed in existing objects and be available in all dimensions based on the wishes of the client. Quick and easy opening of the sliding doors enables an undisturbed and economical run of the working.


Rotating refrigerator doors

Several factors have an influence on the efficiency of refrigerated warehouses and the most important factors are the refrigerator doors. Well designed and well-made refrigerator doors offer a 100% thermic barrier and contribute to energy saving. During..


Sliding refrigerator doors

All doors are custom made and equipped with exterior and interior levers, where both levers are made of stainless steel sheet metal. The door frames are also made of stainless steel sheet metal. Due to larger dimensions and thereby also the weight of the.



Windows are mainly custom made, i.e. in different dimensions according to the client’s requirements and are generally made of stainless steel and in the remaining part are made from galvanized lime sheet. Izo - paneli d.o.o. guarantees safety and...



These are just the right solution for users whose demand is based on high quality manufacturing and economy and are also suitable and acceptable for those situations where the construction of permanent facilities is not permitted. The use of containers is